Optimum Email for Android

What is Optimum, and what does it provide? A question was once kept unanswered, but not anymore. Optimum is a company for television caplets located in New York. It provides TV and home Wi-Fi services; they also sell products with AI integrated.

Now, they have created an email service to ease your daily activities. If you’re an Android user, and want to set up your Optimum email, then follow these steps.

Tips to Access Your Optimum Email App for Android

  1. Start with opening your Gmail app, and create an account. In case of owning one, press settings then click add an account.
  2. Tab OTHER, then enter your Optimum email account. Click on the manual set up, and select the IMAP account.
  3. Enter these information in your incoming server settings :

The username, password, and the port number which is 993; enter also the IMAP server (mail.optimum.net); Last, but not least, the security type (SSL).

These specific details have to be entered in your outgoing server:

The SMTP server (mail.optimum.Net), and the port number 465. Don’t forget to press done or else all what you’ve done will not be saved.

Don’t also forget that to choose a username, and select email check frequently. Once you follow these steps correctly, you will enjoy the unlimited services of Optimum. If you own a Charter email, here’s how to set it up.

It’s a hassle having to open up your laptop just to check your new incoming messages. Now, with these easy steps, you can simply receive all emails on your Android smartphone. Let us know in the comment section below if you’ve encountered any problems while applying these steps.