While it might sound a bit bizarre to you, those people exist. Some people prefer to stay off social media and interact in real life. It can be quite useful in maintaining one’s focus and saving time.

While it benefits the digital exiles, those who are trying to reach them suffer. One thing social media is good about: they’re quite feasible in connecting people. Phone calls are even mostly done now on social media outlets.

But what would you do to find someone that is off the social media grid?

Finding People the Good Old Way

If one of your friends is not using social media, it’s not the end of the world. People had technology before Facebook and Instagram; and they interacted just fine. While it can be harder to find someone you know using other info, it’s not impossible.

Using Search Engines — Like Google

While that person might not have social media profiles, it doesn’t mean there’s no online information on them. Most probably, our good friend Google will help you out.

Maybe your friend is listed under their position in a particular company; where there’s an email address attached. You’d get their email and go from there. You can also contact the office and ask for them, they most definitely would notify your friend. Leave a phone number or email for them to reach you.

Phone Number Directories

This is one of the most basic ways to look for someone online, and probably the most successful. These directories would have information associated with landlines and phone numbers. You can either search by your friend’s phone number, their postal code, or just type in whatever information you have. The directory will then prompt whatever information it has for you.

Go to White Pages or People Search

There’s a ton of services out there that will let you search for people you know. One of those is White Pages. Through this website, you can look up a certain phone number and check the details associated with it. You may also look up an address or find people working at a certain business.

You can also look through online address books to find the ones you know. These directories usually have phone numbers next to each address. Give the number you find a call and check if it’s viable.

There’s a ton of ways to find those you know who don’t use social media. Some people like to stay off the grid, and that’s okay. Try other ways to locate your friends and loved ones.