Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review

Do you remember foldable phones? Well, Samsung has come back with an incredible addition to the market of smartphones. Its new model is called Galaxy Z Flip. The earlier Galaxy fold received a lot of criticism,  and the company was determined to work even harder on the model. 

Looking at this initial review, we can confidently say the manufacturer has improved the model exponentially. The older version was a little bit cranky and heavy, and it felt incredibly odd to hold. 

The Galaxy Z Flip is a lot similar to a normal-sized phone, according to Android Central, but it can be flipped into a small tiny gadget. The screen has extra protection on this model, which makes it more prone to endure heavy usage. 

An Amazing Foldable Screen – Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip Screen - Foldable

The most notable thing about this device’s screen is that it doesn’t differ much from others. You wouldn’t even noticed that it can be folded. From a first look, the Galaxy Z Flip comes off as a slick smartphone with just a decent design. 

But there’s more depth to it. The screen is endowed with a glass protection that is incredibly hard to crack. We’ve known foldable phones to feature weak displays, but this one takes it a little bit farther. Not only does the screen feels smooth and easy to use, it’s also more durable than any other foldable device. 

How about Its Size and Design?

Folded Galaxy Z Flip

via CNET

Samsung makes an effort to present to its users an acceptable foldable device. As the concept of these models is a bit outdated to our modern smartphones, they need to integrate it within our current standards. And, good news, the Galaxy Z Flip is definitely not an anomaly!

When it’s wide open, it feels just like any other flagship on the market. Its size is quite decent and easy to hold. When it’s folded, it can be a little bit thicker than what you’re used to. But it’s extremely compact, and can be put away in really small jacket pockets. 

‘Flex Mode’ – Divide Your Screen Into Two!

'Flex Mode' by Samsung

One thing that Samsung tried to experiment with this time is integrating a ‘flex mode.’ This allows you to set your device at a 90-degree angle, and have each bit of the screen functioning on its own. This could be very helpful when viewing different sources of information at the same time. 

The feature, however, can be confusing when trying to do certain tasks. It’s good for photography-positioning and similar activities. It could use some improvement, though. We think Samsung could tackle this aspect with software updates down the way. 

Performance and Camera of Galaxy Z Flip

The Galaxy New Phone is Here!

The android smartphone comes with a 3300mAh battery, which should lend you the regular on-screen time. It does lack on this side, honestly, with more flagship devices offering higher potential. It’s still a decent power block for a foldable phone. 

When it comes to the hardware, the Galaxy Z Flip is a lot similar to the Samsung S10. It comes along with a Snapdragon 855+ processor, geared with a ram memory of 8GB. The dimensions of the display are estimated at 1080p, which lends perfect rendering of graphics and visuals. The rating would be similar to other flagship devices by the company, as the functionality is not that different. 

Galaxy Z Flip also features two rear lenses, each providing 12-MP with a 10-MP front camera. The ultra-wide features makes it more easy to capture fields and natural scenery. Nothing completely innovative in that regard. It does the job well and captures pretty nice shots. 

Should I Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

Should I Buy Galaxy Z Flip

This entirely depends on what you use a smartphone for. If you’re more prone to gaming, this device won’t meet your requirements. You’d need a phone with more processing power and a long-lasting battery. 

However, the Galaxy Z Flip is a compact option for those looking for something that is just too practical to carry around. The foldable screen can be useful when multitasking on your smartphone. Also, the sizable device makes for an amazing travel option if you intend to go abroad. 

The final price of the Galaxy Z Flip has not been announced yet. We have to wait for an official word from Samsung on the matter. We expect it to be within your budget and not that expensive. 

It’s honestly a stylish design that would make your device pop out when compared to others. It’s good that manufacturers are working on bringing back older models and incorporating them within new smartphone standards. 

Watch the previous video and get a better look at the Galaxy Z Flip. What do you think of it so far? Would you be interested in buying one for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below. We’re always happy to hear your preferences.