10 Best Time Management Android Apps in 2020

Time management apps in 2020

Do you ever feel unproductive? Are you postponing your to-dos? Maybe you are feeling like you are just procrastinating. Well, we’ve all been there before…

Don’t worry, we have a lot of applications for Android to help you organize your life. For every kind of task you have to accomplish, there is a perfect app choice for optimizing your time management. Let’s dive into a list to show you the 10 best apps for time management:


Todoist time management
Do you have a to-do list to organize? If yes, this app is for you. You can use a free basic version to get to know the app. This app allows you to assign your to-do list with a due date, classify them in projects, and you can do this from either your phone or desktop. You will also be able to flag your to-dos based on your priorities.  A fun joke called Karma is also integrated to motivate you as long as you are getting your work done. It’s just all comes together in this nifty little thing. You ought to give it a try.

2) Focus Booster

Focus Booster app for Work Productivity
Okay, so now I have my to-dos list organized. Everything is put to order, but I’m still taking a long time to complete my tasks, how can I manage this? Simple. Focus Booster will help you become more focused on work, using the Pomodoro Technique. This app will show you exactly where your time is going, and which aspects should be improved.

You might ask, what’s the Pomodoro Technique is?

This technique uses a timer in order to break down work into intervals, all separated by short breaks. Each interval is known as a Pomodoro. This term comes from the Italian word ‘tomato’, after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that Cirillo used when he was a university student.

Once you link your projects in this app your time will be counted and followed. Are you anxious? No worries, this app was specially designed to enhance your focus and remove your pressure to finish your work with less pressure.

3) Focus@Will

Focus@will App

Talking about focus, this is the main problem for the majority of people: to keep focused on the objective.
What are the techniques you normally use to keep focused? If music was one of your answers this app is perfect for you.  Yes, we love music but no, it isn’t any kind of music

Neuroscientists created this app with a specific selection to help you concentrate. There is a collection of various tracks, as you get to choose different genres and customize energy levels to boost your productivity. The app promises to increase your attention by up to 400%! Give it a try, and add different tones to your practical life.

4) Forest App

Forest App for Focus and Work
OK, now you’re focused and listening to your songs. But your phone shows a recent notification and when you notice 30 min has passed on Facebook, and Instagram, don’t expect to find your work complete.

This app will help you avoid losing your time with other applications. It is a kind of fun game! First, you will plant a seed in your Forest. As time goes by without you touching your phone, your tree will grow up. But if you exit the app, your tree will die.

In this app, once you make the decision to keep focused, you have a virtual tree. Your choice is to grow it or let it wither.

5) Toggl

Toggl Android App for Management
Even when you’re focused you may be taking a long time to get your job done, what you need to do is to stay productive for as long as you can. This app will track the areas that are taking the most time, so you can focus on them and improve your process. With Toggl you will be able to analyze your whole work-flow and improve accordingly, it feels like magic!

6) Remember the Milk

Remember the milk app
Now we have an app to keep focused, with music, another one to avoid the cell phone, another one for tracking how much time we spend on each task…but if we forget what exactly we have to do, those apps are not helping right?
Remember the Milk is compatible with computers, tablets, phones, etc and it is also compatible with many e-mails such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. You will be able to create reminders and attach documents so you can work from anywhere, even from your bed!

7) Trello

All apps above were about working alone however if you are a manager you need to manage your work and your team. We all know that sometimes it seems quite impossible as you already have difficulty to manage yours…
Trello is the best app to create and follow projects alone or with your colleagues, as you can create cards with a TO DO list, and your team will fill with tasks as they are in Progress or Completed.

This app is becoming very popular as we are heading towards the Agile culture, you can use not just for your team but for multitasking in general.

8) Evernote

Evernote is just incredible!
Sometimes your problem is related to the organization of your list and cards, etc..
Imagine how wonderful it would be if we could put everything together: notes, ideas, images, thoughts…
Evernote is that app!

Now imagine if you could synchronize this app with Remember the Milk?  You’ll never say: Omg, what am I supposed to do? In a world of different websites and apps, Evernote will help you to keep everything in one place!

9) 1Password

For forgetful people, this may be the best app…
We all have a lot on our plate these days with information overload, lots of apps, devices, emails, how can we remember all passwords with different criteria? It’s Almost Impossible!

With this app, you will record everything in just one place, all your passwords in one encrypted database.
It is so boring when you forget your pass and have to reset it and do the whole process again! With this app, this won’t be happening again.

And finally, after all your work is finished where do you archive your documents?

10) Dropbox

Dropbox for Business
This amazing and famous app has a simple and functional purpose: To transfer content from your computer to other devices, just take your phone app and access everything you need in one touch! With Dropbox you can create folders just like on your computer to organize your files and access it anywhere.

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