You most definitely can! Wifi passwords are hidden somewhere deep in a file on your device. There are several ways that you can try to get the password you need. Let’s take a minute to tell you how you may do that.

If you want to check wifi passoword on android devices, you can do so using one of these easy ways:

  • Using an App to View It:

Apps like WPS WPA Tester, and even your regular file explorer, can access the files which hold the credentials you use for Wifi. Reaching that stage is quite simple; you may click on the guide above we just linked to and read more on the topic.

  • Using a Browser:

Do you remember when you called your service provider, and they told you to go on a browser to change some settings in the router? Well, there’s a settings page that you can access from your browser to modify how you want your router to work. Through that page, you can check the password of your Wifi as well.

There are no hacks to get the job done. Don’t listen to whoever tells you so. Since you own the network you want to access, you can easily get behind its security and view the password. You might have set it up earlier yourself, but forgot the credentials later on.

Always write down your passwords somewhere not to forget them. But in this situation, we got you covered!