Blocking Numbers on Android

Have you ever wondered why you can’t make that call? Cellular signal can go down sometimes. But how to tell if someone blocked your number on Android?

Our means of reaching one another in this age are countless. Smartphones have facilitated the ways we communicate with one another. Now, we can text, we can call, and we can even have video conferences with more than just one person at the same time.

But, at times, you might find yourself overwhelmed by how close we can be. Having the ability to reach people thousands of miles away can be limiting to personal reflections and own space. Blocking a number has grown quite popular among Android users. It’s a way to reserve your privacy and enforce it. It’s the non-legal trendy alternative of a restraining order.

If you’re wondering whether your number has been blocked by someone you know, here’s how to find out:

Blocking Numbers Is One Click Away!

How to Block Someone on Android

As you’re probably well aware, blocking numbers on smartphones has never been easier. While in the past, you had to contact your courier to block a certain number, you can now do it through your Android phone. You can do it right away if you want; let’s demonstrate it to you.

If you unlock your phone right now, and just head to Contacts on your phone [it’s an app on its own], you can block any number you want. Just search for the name associated with that number and click on it. In the information page, you’ll see an icon with three dots on the top-right. Once you click on it, a menu with options will prompt. Just click on Block Contact and you’re good to go.

Developers have made it quite easy to block someone. While you may have different reasons for using the feature, you have to agree it’s useful. On the other hand, you might find yourself belonging to the party that’s being blocked. It’s confusing, and should not be taken personal in some cases. Android users have asked online how to make sure if the person you’re not trying to reach is actually blocking you.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You:

First of all, don’t take it too personal. Lots of users resolve to block others for so many reasons. While some have it coming (we can’t stop calling, can we?), you might get blocked for literally any reason. People are now accustomed to simply customize the virtual reality of their social accounts and mobile communication methods.

Developers at BusinessInsider have discovered a really clever way to tell if someone blocked your number on Android. It’s quite simple, and it applies to most Android phones. Follow the next steps if you’re not sure why you can’t call a certain number anymore:

  • Head to the Contacts app on the Android device you’re using.
  • Search for the name of the saved number you’re suspecting it blocked you.
  • Click on it, and you’ll find a three-dotted button on the top right.
  • Click on Delete, and proceed to erase that contact.

Instructions for unblocking

Don’t get confused, there’s a reason for doing so. You’ll go back to opening the Contacts app and you’ll search for the name you just deleted.

  • Once you search for that name, see if the app suggests the number associated with it. If that happens, then most probably that person didn’t block you.
  • If it happens and the app doesn’t suggest that name, chances are they have blocked you.

That’s probably will do it for you. I honestly would recommend having an option that shows whether you’re blocked or not. Either way, this method is quite helpful in clearing the confusion. If you have a way that works for you, you’re more than welcomed to tell us about it in the comments below.

Also, we’d really appreciate your feedback regarding the tips we’ve shared. We’re always happy to hear your suggestions and input. In the meantime, go to your phone right now. Try the tips above to tell if someone blocked you on their Android device.