Pico Tanks Android Game Review

Okay, you have to admit that this one goes beyond your expectations! Pico Tanks entered the race of mobile games just recently. They follow the likes of other games, like Brawl Stars, but this one is definitely a unique render.

You go through the game as a tank, with matches played among two teams of three tanks. There are different types of weapons that you can equip to your tank. If you go through the Garage of the game, you’ll find many customization options that you can use.

Attacking in Pico Tanks:

You can choose among different types of cannons to attach to your tank. Some would have high shooting rate, like the classic cannon. Other types like the Helix has a longer shooting range, a bit slower than what you get with cannons; but the bombs you shoot are much stronger. The third type would be the Repair Arc, which helps you heal other teammates during fights. It can be extremely helpful in winning the game. There are also shotguns and many more stuff as you level up.

Mobility in Pico Tanks:

You get the option to choose what your tank uses to move around the arena. The classic setup is not bad. But if you go with the Slinky, your unit would have much more mobility, as the name suggests. Other types would be the likes of the Flash and more.

The game has more customization options when it comes to the style of your unit. You can paint it, put a funny hat on it and do other cool stuff. The developers have made sure to make the game entertaining for its users.

Modes in Pico Tanks:

Modes in Pico Tanks Game

The game has three modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Fetch the Cargo. The first one obviously revolves around the team that gets the most kills. The second mode is concerned with which team captures the flag and holds it a longer time. Third one is a bit tricky.

In Cargo mode, each team is placed on a side of the arena. At the middle, there’s some cargo that you can attach your tank to and pull it. The winning team has to pull the cargo, defend the teammate pulling it, and deliver it to their side of the arena. The team that delivers more cargo than the other wins.

You kinda have to try out this one for yourself. It’s pretty challenging, and the gameplay is just too satisfying to miss out on. Here’s a video for you to get a feel of how things work: