How to Stop Someone from Snooping on Your Phone

If someone is snooping on your smartphone, you’d like to catch them, right? Now that our phones hold most of our personal information and data, they can be attractive to intrusive individuals. Stopping others from doing so is pretty easy and won’t require much effort on your part.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into a couple of Android apps than can help you protect your device and catch whoever is trying to access it behind your back:

Lockwatch App

This nifty little thing will keep your locked phone as safe as it could ever be. Whenever someone tries to access your smartphone with a wrong code, the app will instantly snap a picture of them. Not only that, you’d receive a message with both their picture and the GPS location of the device.

This works best in cases where your phone has been lost or stolen. The great thing about Lockwatch is that whoever is using your phone at that moment would have no clue of what the app is doing. It won’t take up much space on your phone, since Lockwatch is more on the light side (under 1 MB).

But the app has a lot more than this to offer. If you go Premium at the price of only $4, you get to access the extra features. One of which would be SIM Card Changes detector, when an intruder inserts a new SIM card into your phone, voice recording, different photographs… etc. Give it a try, it’s just amazing. Since it has a free edition, you get to decide whether you want more.

Crook Catcher

With Crook Catcher, you’re most definitely making the snooper pay for their actions. It works a lot similar to the previous example, and has a decent design that is both comfortable and efficient.

Essentially, the app gets activated when someone tries to enter your phone with a wrong code. It immediately captures the intruder’s scene with both cameras, and you get a notification of your choice. I like how the user is able to configure various options, like choosing how many wrong attempts before Crook Catcher is activated. Also, you can choose on which platform you’d like to be notified.

If you’re more serious about your smartphone’s security, this app can let you go the extra mile. Not only does it send GPS location, along with the photos, but also it is paired with Google Device Manager. The latter can follow you anywhere, and has your location before and after you lose possession of it. It has the ability to work with different gadgets on the market.

Go check it out and let us know in the comments below what you think of Crook Catcher.


Would you like to go snooper-hunting? We thought so, too! ThirdEye is indeed a valid alternative on the market that provides its users with great service. If you feel like your roommate might be an intrusive person, and would try to unlock your phone, this is definitely the app to go.

It works similar to other examples we’ve provided here. ThirdEye will be your guardian, taking a picture of whoever tries to unlock the smartphone with a wrong PIN code. The app will instantly display warnings to those trying to intrude on your phone. This could be helpful to make them think their action twice. It also has a cool feature where it keeps track of each time the phone is unlocked. So, if you find a successful attempt on your phone that wasn’t made by you, you’ll instantly know that someone already has your password.

Aside from that, the photos taken would be from different angels, so you can identify your snooper properly. There are other cool features that come with ThirdEye. Make sure to try it out and let us know if you prefer it to other alternatives.

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And that’s it! By now, you’ve got an app to catch someone snooping on your phone. There are many options on the market, as it’s a high security concern for all smartphone users. Always make sure to never share your personal password/patterns/passcodes with anyone. Our phones are the vault that holds our digital identities.

Which of the apps we mentioned suited your needs best? Let us know in the comments below. We’re more than thrilled to have your read our guides. Your input will be valued, and further suggestions will help us improve our publications.